Toner and Ink Cartridge Guarantee

Product Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed on all of our compatible and re-manufactured supplies. We guarantee that our compatible and re-manufactured supplies are free from defects in material and workmanship, and are guaranteed to be 100% compatible for the machine for which it was engineered.

If you are not satisfied with our compatible and re-manufactured supplies, please call our customer service department at (661)589-7896. We will cover any cost required to return or exchange the product or repair your machine should a defect in our compatible or re-manufactured supply cause damage to your printer, fax or copier. Our confidence in this product allows us to make this guarantee.

Should you incur a repair bill as a result of a defect in our compatible or re-manufactured products simply provide us with the repair bill and a signed statement from your service technician detailing the cause of the damage and send along with the defective product for a quick review of your claim. All original brand products (OEM) supply items carry their own warranty with their products and claims for damages to equipment using original brand products must be filled with the manufacturer of those particular products. Our liability for OEM products is limited to replacement of any defective products only.

Our liability under this warranty shall be limited to replacement or reimbursement as provided above. This warranty is exclusive, and in lieu of all other warranties, expressed, or implied. Including warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Seller shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. All goods are shipped upon conditions that Buyer accepts these terms, if not Buyer must promptly return the goods and notify Seller in writing. These terms supersede all prior oral or written terms or representations and may be waived or modified only in writing and signed by an officer of the Seller.